Spring Art Classes

January-May 2020


Weekly art classes are designed for kids who LOVE art.

Each week students will experiment with different mediums, learn new art-making techniques, and begin to develop their own artistic style.  Weekly classes help students develop critical thinking, enhance problem solving skills, and learn to express and communicate their ideas and feelings visually.  Two Keys is dedicated to providing unique and meaningful creative experiences for kids of all ages. 

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, and More!

Primary Art K-2nd Grade

Primary art students learn to express themselves visually through art, play, and experimentation. Students will learn to use many different art mediums and tools such as paint, clay, oil pastels, paper-maché, and much more. Primary art classes at Two Keys Creative Studios promote the development of fine motor skills, problem solving skills, making independent choices, working as a part of a group, and discovering that art is all around us. Join us for these fun and engaging weekly art classes!

Secondary Art 3rd-5th Grade

Secondary art students at Two Keys Creative Studios work on developing artistic skills, such as drawing, sculpting, painting, printmaking, and much more. While learning different art mediums they also begin to understand that art has personal, cultural, and historical significance in the world. Secondary classes are focused on artistic experimentation, creative play, learning from mistakes, and beginning to make independent choices. Our goal is for secondary students at Two Keys Creative Studios to gain confidence, make friends, and have lots of fun! Come join us for these exciting and engaging weekly art classes.

Intermediate Art 6th-8th Grade

Intermediate art classes at Two Keys Creative Studios are designed to further develop students’ artistic skills. Students will practice a variety of art making techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpting, print-making, fiber arts, and much more. Young artists begin to make connections between their personal thoughts, feelings, ideas, and the art that they create. Intermediate classes at Two Keys help develop problem solving skills, team working skills, enhance creative thinking, and boost confidence. Join us for weekly intermediate art classes where you will meet other artistic kids, make art, and have lots of fun!

Advanced Art 9th-12th Grade

Advanced art classes at Two Keys Creative Studios are designed for High School artists who are interested in taking their skills to the next level. Young artists will learn advanced art making techniques in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and much more. Students will begin to develop their own artistic style and make artwork based on their ideas, feelings, and interests. Students will develop problem solving, team-working, and conceptual thinking skills while gaining confidence and independence. Art helps prepare high school students for whatever it is they choose to do in the future. Meet other artistic kids, make art, and have fun. Join us for weekly advanced art classes at Two Keys Creative Studios!


Supply Fee: $160– Due at the beginning of each session

Tuition: $65/month

Session One: September-December

Session Two: January-May

Students may enroll after the session has already begun depending on availability.  Please call us with questions regarding scheduling.

Get In Touch!

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